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I am Consquello Rhodes wife and mother of 3. God has blessed me with many gifts and talents, such as writing, singing, cooking, creating, and helping people feel and look beautiful.  In my past I was in a place in which I didn't want to be here, but God saw something in me. Thankful and grateful that he has kept me.

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My Hope

When I was feeling lost, I turned to God for guidance. He guided me to "Speak Truth" to my pain. Not only to help me heal, but to help others heal as well. 

My hope is to be able to reach as many people as I can. It took me doing a hobby (designing t-shirts) to be exact. I was displaying messages on my tees that reflected my own life. During that time I was feeling lost and worthless inside. I started to feel overwhelmed and just about every emotion came up. All I could do was turn to God. Thankful and Grateful that he lead me to this point. My daughter was a big help because she gave me the idea of doing my book in poem. Being that I had kept the poems that I had written in the past, part of my book was already written. I later decided to add a second book about my educational journey. This book  displays my determination to succeed in my education. I hope that my books can help uplift and inspire many. They are self-published and a representaion of me "imperfect" God Bless and enjoy! 

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My Passion

My passion has always been to help others and when I found it difficult to help out in other ways, I was guided to use my own life.

I would love for every parent to purchase my book. It really helps to open up much needed conversations with teens. Sometimes it's difficult to know what your child may be feeling or going through. Reading my book may help open up that line of communication. You can find out if your child have had the same or similar feelings, and emotions and help remedy the situation. In life often times you feel as if no one understands you or cares, so you tend to hold things in. I want to let those who are hurting  know that there are people who does understand, and does care. I want those who are going through to know that you can overcome pain and be happy again. I'm not saying that you will never go through again, but you can over come those dark days and regain happiness.  I'm living proof of that.

There are many people hurting and don't know how

to overcome their pain. Many feel that they may become judged for seeking the help that they need.

As a collective we can make a huge difference in

the lives of others and it starts by doing the following.

Listening, Loving, Caring, and Doing More!


Welcome to my speak your truth website. I wanted to create a page in which people can express themselves. Speak your truth about things that matter to you. It can be big or small. I only ask that we be respectful. If you had a bad day at home or work lets talk about it. You will feel so much better after expressing yourself in a positive manner. I plan to post disscussion topics but as we all know things don't always work out as we plan. So let's just have the conversations as they tend to flow. 

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