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How Do You Get Your Power?

Updated: Dec 23, 2022

Frequently, I've heard and had many conversations lately about how we need to uplift one another instead of trying to tear each other down.

My question is:

How Do You Get Your Power?

Do you get your power out of uplifting others?


Do you get your power out of tearing others down?

We need to start uplifting one another. When you're displaying and spreading negativity it shows. You may think that it's being hidden but it's not.

Let's learn how to listen more, love more, care more & do more (kindness is free). Sometimes you have to take a step back and analyze the situation, and think what is all the negativity really about?

It's not too late to change and set an example for the next generation. No one is perfect and it's not too late to take accountability and grow.

I talk to my children all the time about these things and share with them things that I encounter.

I ask them to be the change that we need to see in this world of negativity. I will continue to do my part to show them how to be all while showing kindness and being respectful to others. All while not letting other's dim my light...

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