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Is My Silence Contributing to My Fate?

Is my silence contributing to my fate?

Not disclosing how I feel, to those whom I need to. Putting on a facade, while deep inside you're struggling. When are you going to take back your control? When are you gonna stand up for you?

How long are you gonna wait for someone to make changes for you? You're not selfish if you put yourself first. When the breakdown takes place, after you've gave and gave who's gonna be there for you when you're in need? How can you continue to help others when you're broken down and burned out? It's time to start fulfilling your destiny. You only have one life! Start living and reach the happiness you deserve. Find what makes you happy and go for it. Stop settling just because its convenient or because the money is good. Convenience doesn't equal happiness. Money doesn't equal happiness. If you're still complaining then your not happy. Stop committing to others as if you're obligated to them. Commit to God and yourself while doing what God has put in your heart to do. There are multiple ways to give back and serve without giving so much of yourself than is being given to you. When we settle are we contributing to our fate as well. Let's start contributing to our destiny by taking back control of our lives and Living Today like There's no Tomorrow.

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