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Sometimes in life you just have to "Conquer"

I have gone through many obstacles in my life and I'm thankful and grateful for being so strong. I'm thankful and grateful to God for giving me the strength to "Choose Me". In doing so I'm on a mission to do what God has put in my heart for me to do. Thank you lord for blessing me with a beautiful family who shares the same passion for giving back and helping people. Thank you lord for blessing me with friends and family who shares the same passion as I do. As the saying goes Kindness is free and I'm a true believer that how we carry ourselves and how we treat people are going to be the determining factor as to where we end up in life. As my song goes "You can fool anybody but you can't fool God". If we all took time to Listen More, Love More, Care More, Do More this world would be a better place. My second Listen, Love, Care, Do More event was successful. We gave away 100 bags of food and chicken donations. Thanks to all who donated, spread the word, helped out and stopped by. I pray that my next event in 2022 will be just as awesome. May God continue to bless you all.

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