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When You Truly See That You Are Not In Control

Over a month ago I decided that I wanted to change directions in my life by changing jobs. I was going to leave the addiction field and just work my way up to management at a local restaurant.I knew that by doing so I would be starting over with low pay and no benefits. I wanted to change directions so that I would have a piece of mind. Well to my surprise God had another plan for me. I received a call from a clinic which I had applied right before the pandemic hit and things shut down. I was asked to give them another chance and I did just that. At this point I truly saw that I was not in control. I will continue to follow Gods lead for he is in control. I guess I was not finished in the addiction field. God knows that my passion is to help people. Im happy to be doing just that and I'm also excited to see which direction he will send me next. May God continue to bless you all.

Consquello Rhodes

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